Things to Know about Powders:

1) Powder coat is actually a process of spraying a powder material (your color) on a metal surface. No liquids are used in the process; therefore, powders cannot be mixed or blended to create another shade or color of powder.

2) There are thousands of powder colors to choose from, ECPC stocks a limited amount of powder colors. Requests for a non-stock powder are considered a special order powder and are charged to the customer. If, an in-stock powder is used no additional charges apply, unless the job requires a large amount of powder. Special order powders may take up to 2 weeks to receive, custom made powders from our suppliers may take up to 2 months.

3) ECPC stocks the most commonly used powders from matte black to high gloss black to some metallics, wrinkles, veins and textures. Powders do have a shelf life and are sold by the pound.

4) ECPC can only recommend a powder color. Color selection is the responsibility of the customer, charges will apply if there is a desire to change to a different powder color after an item has been coated, stripping and re-coating charges apply.

5) Unfortunately there are currently no cross reference charts for liquid paint codes and powder codes, an actual paint sample needs to matched visually to a powder color sample, exact matches are not a guarantee.

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EastCoast PowderCoat - Color Charts

ral color chart special effect color chart metallics color chart cover specialties color chart cover

RAL Color Chart

All powders are a solid smooth high gloss finish for interior & exterior.*





Special Effect Color Chart

Most powders are a smooth or hammertone high gloss finish for interior & exterior. Candy / Transparent colors in this chart are ideal for high polished aluminum or good chrome.*


Metallic Color Chart

Most powders contain metallic flakes and require a clear powder coat as a top coat. Some finishes are a smooth, textured or wrinkled high gloss finish for interior & exterior.*


Specialties Color Chart

All powders are a smooth high gloss finish for interior & exterior - traditional colors.*




* Charts do not represent the true color, texture or finish of these sample colors, use them as a guide only.